Rich Single Women Most Annoying Five Sentences

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We know you mean well and you're just trying to make us feel better, but there are some things rich single women just wish they didn't have to hear.

Stop saying things like...

1. "Why are you still single?"

Are you asking me to tell you a deep, hidden flaw that drives men away when they get to know me well enough? Are you asking me to retrace my steps through past relationships and find the mistake I made that thwarted a walk down the aisle? Or are you asking me this question because you think I've never asked it of myself?

2. "He's missing out."

This sentence has never made me feel better. Not even for a single second. I always want to say, "I don't care if he's missing out. I'm missing out right now."

For now, I'm the one who no longer has a plus-one for the wedding next month or a date to the symphony or a vacation buddy or a dinner partner or someone to have intimate conversations with.

3. "Your biological clock must be ticking."

For the love of everything holy. I am neither a clock nor a time bomb. Anyhow' why is it any of your business?

4. "You're too picky."

This usually comes from people who don't know me well at all, have no idea what I'm looking for in a potential marriage partner and have never met anyone I've dated.

The fact that two people are both single do not make them perfect for each other. There are lots of other variables that factor into the equation.

5. "You've gotta get out there more."

I have attended college, church, conferences, blind dates, speed-dating events and singles mixers. I've signed up for online dating sites ( ). I went on more first dates last year than most people will go on in a lifetime.

Please don't imply (or explicitly state) that the reason I'm single is because I'm not meeting my perfect match in my real life.

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