British woman 50 times courtship failed , 51 fall in love with a Millionaire Man

Now 28- year-old British woman Claire Carr from 2006 began to look for her mind, " Prince Charming" through millionaire dating sites , but after 50 times nightmarish failed courtship , she has not found his " other half ." But Clare despair occasion , she finally and the date of the first 51 "Network Lover" fall in love. Much to her delight that the man actually is a millionaire who has one Castle value of two million pounds ! Today, Claire has been a dream come true to live in castles, lived a "Princess" generally happy life. Recently, Claire will own 51 date bizarre experience into a new book - " a princess ."

1 " Lover" Big belly people posing sportsman

Claire Carr has 1 annual salary of 70,000 pounds of good work, and a group of concerned about her friends and family. But to make Claire feel regret that 23-year-old had just graduated from college from since, she has been trying to find her own satisfaction boyfriend, but has failed to do so. Claire said: "I could easily let the men to dump me, but they are not what I want to find a partner." Then in 2006, Claire decided to adopt a millionaire dating site looking for her mind, "Prince Charming." Due to the excellent conditions Claire, immediately received hundreds of letters "candidates boyfriend," the e-mail. Claire's first one "Network lover" named Rey, but Rey was actually a super big liar. When the first date, the two sides meet in about a luxury hotel, Claire said: "When he told me he chatting online scanner is broken, it can not put his picture to me, just that he is a sports sportsman. However, dating sites, I could not find anyone in keeping with his description. Then, a sweating waiter came to me, within a few seconds of voice I recognized him, he is mine Iraq. But he has a paunch, at least 10 years older than he describes, and ugly. "Claire bite the bullet and appointments. She said: "When breaking up, like plaster as he leaned against my car refused to go, stop kissing my lips, made me straight Nausea

2 " lover " flower plot was finally laid bare

Claire's first two "Network Lover" is a robust construction worker named Chris . Claire recalled: "When we first second date , he took me and his friends went to an expensive restaurant , and announced that I was his girlfriend and then he took me to Barbados for Christmas . he is so romantic, and very considerate person . " But let Claire panic , when Claire View her boyfriend at the time of registration data dating website , we found Chris continues to recruit girlfriend. So Claire Heart of a meter , she registered a new identity on the site , alias " Annabel " to her boyfriend sent a warm letter of appointment . Chris really hooked, when he came to the appointment on time bar , Claire angrily poured a glass of wine in his whole body . Claire recalls: . " I cursed him a liar , bastard should rot in hell ."

The 16th "lover" with " ex-girlfriend " date together

Claire appointment first 16 "Network lover" named John , is an IT expert . When the first date , the two sides decided to go to a theater . However, let Claire stunned when John came to the theater entrance, arm in arm one actually has intercourse with his girlfriend of eight years ! Claire said : "He told me that this woman is his ex-girlfriend, but obviously they still love each other, and the woman hostile to me."

No. 38, "The Lover" send porn when gift

However, this is not the worst of it. Claire's first 38 "Network Lover" Mingjiaokuyi ยท Scott particular , is a handsome 29 -year-old recruitment consultant. But after a period of contact Claire discovered that Iraq was actually a nymphomania library ! Claire said: " When the appointment , he kept talking about my breasts the size of first breaking up , he actually gave me as a gift a porn movie ! "

No. 51, "The Lover" rich so poor find true love

After 50 failed courtship, Claire disheartened.She sign up another millionaire dating site . However, if the same fate, she miraculously met his "Prince Charming" - now 37-year-old real estate developer Robin McDonald, June 2007, Robin sent a letter to Clare Dating email, he said in the message that he is a very ordinary person, not much wealth. However, when the two men first date fell in love. Later, Claire Robin recommend to his home in Staffordshire Keffer Brownsville home dating him when Claire found Robin's house was actually worth two million pounds a 13th-century castle, she was aghast. Then Claire know, Robin addition to the castle, but he is still the UK and around the world has another 70 homes. Robin said he knows his wealth will attract those "Nuggets Girl", so he was trying to through the millionaire dating site to find a girl who real love him , not love his momey. Claire said: "My dream has finally come true I found my Prince Charming, and lived a princess-like life."

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